Ronald Hellen


My artistic education began when I started a Diploma in Art and Design course at Maidstone Art College. I successfully gained entry to the Royal Academy Schools where I went on to study painting for a further three years and gained my Postgraduate Certificate of the Royal Academy Schools.

My paintings are essentially about place and trying to capture the atmosphere peculiar to particular buildings, scenes or locations. I like places such as follies, obelisks, ornamental parks and beach architecture, any of those structures that seem at odds with their surroundings.


Studio Life

I paint in two converted sheds in a peaceful garden. I use one studio for drawing and watercolours and the other for oils and acrylics.

There is an advantage to working in a garden environment because it can provide a temporary isolation from everyday distractions, separating my art endeavours from domestic routine.

My studios allow me to indulge my delight in the paraphernalia of art – quality sketch books, boxes of watercolour tubes, pens and brushes – they are all a pleasure to handle.

A successful studio for me has as many tools, art materials, drawings and other source material to hand to assist work, the painting itself usually presents enough problems!

A first studio should have good light, solid worktops and plenty of shelves and cupboards and the best art materials. Go for quality rather than quantity.

This article appears on the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Artists Studio Shots website.


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